academic excellence

BLCIS Gold Medal is given to any student who gets an average of 94% and above.


BLCIS Green Medal is given to any student who gets an average of 90 – 93%.


BLCIS White Medal is given to any student who gets an average of 85 – 89%.


BLCIS Pink Medal is given to any student who gets an average of 80 – 84%.


BLCIS Orange Medal is given to any student who gets an average of 75 – 79%.

academic excellence

BLCIS Model Student Award is given to any student who showed good manners and correct conduct at all times. His/her EsP grade should not be below 85%. He/She have not been subjected to any disciplinary action within the current School Year. The selection is done by the cashed votes and evaluation of the teachers, students, and school personnel.

BLCIS Leadership Award is given to any student who embodies and shows a true BLCian leader in all aspects.

BLCIS Loyalty Award is given to any student who have spent at least ten (10) years in BLC from Grade 1 to Grade 10.

academic excellence

BLCIS Achievements in Academic Discipline is given to any student who ranks 1st in his/her academic subjects.


BLCIS STAR Gold Medal Award is given to any student who excelled in his/her chosen STAR Course, provided that he/she will complete the School Year

BLCIS Achievement in Extra-Curricular Activities is given to any student who represented the school in different off-campus competitions.

Our academics

We are BLCians
and we are different 
because we learn differently.
For us, knowledge is not confirmed
in the four corners of the room
nor wisdom can be lifted
Only from books.
Lectures feed our minds.
But experiences nourish our spirits.
We are different 
Because we are amazing BLCians


How big is this BLCIS? The first question asked by a surprised administrator to BLCians who TOPPED, ACCELERATED and became OUTSTANDING in exclusive and prestigious schools nationally and internationally. 


How many classmates do you have? The next question asked by the teachers who are surprised to know that the honors from a small group of 16-30 graduates can compete with honors from a group of 500-1000 graduates, and still outstand. 




is the medium of instruction. Children can speak, read, and write English.




became popular when she transferred to Brent International (Subic) in Grade IV for speaking and writing a two-page essay in straight English on her first day of classes 



"Juniors from 2 1/2-4 years old can read books" 




1st BLClan to enroll at 2 years old while still bottle feeding, finished Journalism in St. Louis University with a sustained interest in schooling and graduated from college with flying colors at age 18. She is now working at SM Baguio at HRD Department. 







Batch 2004 First Honors emerged the DIVISION CHAMPION in English Editorial Writing in the Divison Schools Press Conference even without practice & preparation when forced to join by the Division English Supervisor only on the afternoon before the contest proper.

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