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Message from the Office of the Founding President and Head Directress





         How we employed the five-year experience of using e-book in our Junior High School modality of learning. We are not new with this technology, thus, during this challenging time in our education, we are READY and EX­CITED to offer the new platform in online education. A virtual class where the quality of teaching is at par with a face-to-face system of schooling. Our online class will not be limited to academic standard but we will assure you that our premium in values and character building of our BLCians will not be compromised.


           The unique teaching secrets inside BLCIS that has been consistently breeding the BEST for 35 years now!!! BLCIS – a multi learning place with “heart and spirit” where the students, teachers, employees, feel loved, appreciated, and cared for!


Where everybody experiences work that is productive schooling that’s fun and meaningful; being the person they want to be, and make a difference because they are recognized and feel so important.



The unique teaching secrets inside BLCIS that has been consistently breeding the BEST!

✔ Where BLCians are trained for Honesty and Self Discipline;

✔ Where methods and strategies of teaching are different from any other schools;

✔ Where strongest foundation are built among BLCians backed up with values/virtues;

✔ Where we start teaching right and continue to teach right; lessons learned are implanted in BLCians minds and heart and applied in their lives;

✔ Where we do not rank their standings in class, instead, challenged to do better next time, and BLCians are grouped heterogeneously without discrimination;

✔ Where everybody’s talents are discovered, developed, recognized, -with 100% participation in all activities;

✔ Where everybody receives awards for outstanding accomplishments, with a consistent reminder to do better next time; and

✔ Where they are inspired to aim for gold!    


           Do it!              

                    Exert effort.   

                                And they gain self-confidence!


What makes BLCIS Different?


TESTIMONIALS: Parents after sending their 1st child to us and experienced over unique teaching methods, they send us up to their 5th child to experience the BLCIS methods because they are so satisfied and happy with results.


CREDIBILITY - Our grading system is so reliable that our outstanding graduates get full scholarships in ATENEO, UST, UP, and outstand in St. Scholastica, Assumption; they don’t adjust anywhere they enroll.                             

          BLCians become  Board Topnotchers ( Top 1, 7, 11 )

      Get full Scholarships  from BEST Universities here and abroad: Oxford, Stanford, Imperial College of Londfon, CalTech and many more (documented in our diary). Proof of how BLCians outstand in the Philippines and abroad in all categories are documented in our diary.


CREDENTIALS34 years is 34 years of breeding the BEST BLCians. Teachers can teach any subject assigned to them because they are trained at BLCIS + their training in Ateneo, specialized faculty development program, maximized use of DEPED Curriculum and the latest knowledge from the Founding President with the Principal, Edgar Valencia.


EXPERIENCES - BLCIS Teachers are trained for mastery to teach; have M.A. degrees. Teachers stay with BLCIS thru the years. Plus our in-house training make them love teaching at BLCIS.


PORTFOLIO – The Founding President has 20 years experience in DEPED as English teacher , and college instructor. As an Administrator for 20yrs. Has enrolled in Montessori Method; taken Speech/ Vocabulary Development, English Fluency, Public Speaking of Speech Power, attended International webinar on Financial Int. with Danlok, Dean Graziosi, and read books authorized by Doctors of Philosophy, and prominent educators.


REASONABLE PRICE CHARGED FEES— What parents pay for - BLCIS is for “the Result”, skills, values, and learned from BLCIS gained for a lifetime.  BLCians are guaranteed with Quality Education, outstanding performance, and good values for life, carried over even to new schools they go to.


BLCians when they graduate from BLCIS are Multiple Intelligent.

They become:

taekwondo jins








MORE SKILLS to be taught:   

Mastered Financial Intelligence – such as online selling.

Make their money work for them. 

Saving, investing, entrepreneurship.



Our General Curriculum will be called SKILLS CURRICULUM

Skills to be taught are already lined up and sure to have side income for their savings, 

investment and entrepreneurship to become YOUNG MILLIONAIRES.


As God–inspired Community BLCIS has been so blessed with the best Principal, Staff, personnel, teachers who are equally devoted and multiple intelligent talents, skills, abilities, 30 times thus making BLCIS really different and UNIQUE with LOVE for what we do.


Let your children’s light shine brightly at BLCIS!!!!



To GOD be the GLORY.



Magdalena “Mommy Dellee” F. Dumlao

BLCIS Founding President and Head Directress

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