BLC Integrated School aims to develop multiple intelligent students with strong moral characters and values that will guide and sustain them through life.


BLC Integrated School envisions multiple intelligent students with undefinable quality known as “character” and knows what it means to be a “good person”, receptive to new ideas, well-adjusted and globally competent.


The graduate of BLCIS is one who is: Manifesting Christian traits and Filipino values in his dealings with others; Equipped with all the knowledge and skills to cope with the challenges of High school life of the 21st century; Sensitive to the needs of others and responds with compassion and concern; Proud of his traditions and heritage, yet open-minded and respects the culture of others; and Responsive to family and community concerns. 



To develop logical and critical thinking skills.

To apply knowledge and skills in analyzing, clarifying, synthesizing, and evaluating.

To develop the skills and strategies necessary to meet the demands of college work.  



To assume responsibilities using his acquired skills and God-given talents and potentials to the fullest for himself and for his communities.

To foster personal discipline which will enable him to form a plan of life-based on intelligent career choices.


To implement a plan for physical and mental health.

To actively contribute to school, community, or church services, and be a spontaneous recipient of God’s love and blessings.

 To be able to respond to God’s love by accepting himself and others and likewise serving as a good steward to all that good has created for man.


To be aware of the current political, social, and economic issues at the national and INTEGRATED levels and make him aware of and accept his role in society where he lives.

To take pride in being a Filipino and appreciate his cultural heritage.

To be able to manifest a sense of belongingness through active involvement in activities that are Filipino in nature and Christian in outlook.

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