Scorpius reigns victorious in CDC 2020;

Jaring, Barrera hailed as Athletes of the Year

“Hindi kami magpapatalo, hindi kami susuko!”

With a festive atmosphere, the Inevitable Purple Scorpius inflicted a stinging pain to the Golden Candescent Corona Borealis as they put “cheer” to the word “dance” to win the 2020 BLCIS Festival of Sports Cheer Dance Competition – Junior High School Department, February 14, at the BLCIS Covered Court.

It was truly an amazing moment for the Scorpius as this was the reason why they became Overall champs, along with Diaphonous Serene Aquarius.

This was the first time in BLCIS Sportsfest history to have two teams both become Overall Champions, making this event truly historical for the school.

Scorpius, having won the cheer dance competiton, also had another one up their sleeves as Team Captain Joyce Marielle Barrera and Van Selwyn Jaring were awarded as Athletes of the Year for their efforts and achievements throughout the 5-day event.

Jaring wasn’t named Athlete of the Year for nothing as he took home many victories with him such as: Men’s Basketball Champion, Marathon Finisher – 1 st, 50m Freestyle – Gold, 50m Breaststroke – Gold, 50m Backstroke – Gold.

Barrera, on the other hand, only won 4x4 Women’s Track and Field Relay but with her undying efforts, passion, and desire for winning won her the said award.

" 'Di ko talaga ine-expect na ako yung magiging Athelete of the Year kasi talagang in-enjoy ko lang naman. sinalihan ko halos lahat para mag enjoy kaya bonus nalang din tong trophy na 'to," said Barrera after receiving the award.

Purple symbolizes royalty and the Inevitable Scorpius truly showed the meaning of their color.

But at the end of the day, it wasn’t about winning trophies or claiming medals, it’s all about sportsmanship, cooperation, great leadership and love for the team.

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