Ravago Bags Award in NSPC 2020 (2500 Campus Journos Compete for Press Conference Dream)

An Archchemic Pandemic

Amidst covid scare, more than 2500 campus journalists and school paper advisers, delegates from all over the Philippines including our very own Limuel Ravago and Sir Edgar Valencia gathered as they conquered their National Schools Press Confence (NSPC) dreams, held at “Gateway to the Ilocandia and the Cordilleras” dubbed, Tugeugarao City.

Each participants departed from their respective regions on March 7 as the first day of 2020 National Schools Press Conference awaits.

2020 NSPC conducted a 5-day long event from March 9-13, March 10-11, contests proper.

Our fellow BLCian, Limuel Ravago had his contest on March 11 alongside with other 60 campus journalists from each region.

Due to safety precautions, campus journalists and school paper advisers had to leave the venue as soon as their contests have ended.

Two days after the contest, a Memo from NSPC 2020 committee signed by Jocelyn DR. Andaya, Director IV of Bureau of Curriculum Development declares Limuel Ravago as 6th place from NSPC - SportsWriting English Secondary.

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